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Why Mosquitoes Bite Some & Not Others

Are you one of the people that seems to constantly get bit by mosquitoes when you hang out in the fresh air and sunshine while others don’t get bothered by bites at all?

If you’ve gotten tired of these pests sucking your blood without permission, you may consider taking steps to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes. This begs the question, though, of what attracts mosquitoes to some and not to others? Let’s explore some of the reasons you may be a snack to these buzzing insects.

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Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes are attracted to people in darker clothing because they do not see well. When you’re wearing black, they have an easier time finding your silhouette and you may be targeted.

Blood Type

Your blood type may also be a factor in how many bug bites you get, as those with O type blood tend to get bitten more than others.

Perfumes & Lotions

According to mosquito control company in Indian Trail experts, the perfumes and scents you wear can also be attracting mosquitoes to you. Deodorants, lotions, and other scented items can bring more bugs to you.

Body Temperature

Mosquitoes don’t see well, as mentioned above, but they can sense temperatures and thermal radiation. If your temperature is higher than the body temperature of those around you, you’ll likely be a meal before others are attacked.

Carbon Dioxide

Along with thermal radiation, mosquitoes also have strong noses that pick up on more than just your perfume – they can smell carbon dioxide released when you breathe or talk.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance around the world, but you can use the information above to reduce the likelihood of becoming a snack for the insects around your home. Wear lighter clothing, consider wearing scents that deter mosquitoes, and avoid hanging around outside immediately after (or while) exercising.